True Testimonies

Father’s Testimonies

During the session, 14 to 16 fathers were given Testimonial Progress Sheets to complete for the year. Here are some of the comments mentioned by a few fathers and more are available on request. Please see the following comments: -

What did you learn from the session?

20 fathers commented, “I learned to communicate effectively and to listen and discuss views with other fathers”. “They helped me in lots of ways in the Job I was hoping to gain”. I have learned basic, “Counselling skills, diversity, domestic abuse, alcohol and drug awareness, creative arts and crafts, listening skills and many, many more”. “I became a First aider, and learnt about fire safety, and have attended a promoting happier parenting programme”. I learned, “keep fit, confidence, self-awareness and how to be assertive”. “I enjoyed the pottery session and making clay model with my children and more “.

Were you unemployed before attending the fathers group?

15 fathers and 1 male carer commented “Yes I was unemployed”. One commented” I was part time”, and another male carer commented, “No I was made redundant”.

Have you found work from attending the fathers group?

15 fathers and 1 male carer commented on the following points, “Most definitely found work in youth support, and community involvement, and NVQ”. “Yes, I now volunteer with helping young offenders, to build confidence and gain skills to help them into work/schemes”. “Yes, I’ve gained employment with a well-known Housing association as a Project Worker”. “I did find work, the courses I did with fathers had played a part in my Job”. “Yes, the help and support, Jeff and Liz provided was very, needed”. “Yes, the skills learnt through the sessions have been valuable”. “Yes, Cope Family Centre duties, example, supporting family meetings, employment support, training”. “I have found voluntary work at School, football, also youth club, prison, and mentoring awareness training for volunteers”.

What parenting skills have you learned and shared with your family?

15 fathers and 1 male carer commented, I am “more focused on what interest my kids, and spending time learning about them and their character and to find out what goals they have in life”. “I would like to think that I spend more time with my family and children”. I have learned “To listen much more and to have set goals for my daughter, and to give guidance, and have patience, understanding and to deal with adolescence”. I have enjoyed “Storytelling and listening”. I have learned to “Keep calm”. “The well-being and giving children the chance to choose the activities they want to do”. I have learnt “Patience and self-restraint”. “To take time out, and allow time to listen to my family needs, and how to spot trouble and talk about any situation my family may find themselves in”.

Have you benefited emotionally, mentally, socially from attending the fathers group?

15 fathers and 1 male carer commented, “Yes, mentally stronger, socially more active in education and values”. “I have made some new friends and look forward to continue”. “Absolutely! it has allowed me to be more positive about myself”. “Yes, I have been suffering with depression, however, have received counselling and support with education from Jeff and Liz and I have learned how to cope much better with my depression”. “Fathers group has helped me through a rough time during my life after losing my Job”. “I feel the father’s group was good to engage with activities and I benefited by spending more time with my child”. “Absolutely”. “Yes, I am very pleased to have been linked to the father’s group because I have learned so much, it has helped me emotionally, socially, and I am happier and content with my family”.

What other support or benefits have you received from attending the fathers group?

15 fathers and 1 male carer commented, “CV building for voluntary work placement, and have improved on my communication skills”. “Good relationship with organisers Jeff”. “Personal discussion with Jeff, career directions and up to date information”. “Jeff and Liz have been excellent in life and Job coaching”. “From Malici, CV with help from Jeff”. “Yes, CV support was given by Jeff, Job vacancies, volunteer work placements”. “Social integration and learning things from the other group members”. “CV building with Jeff, school support and employment agencies”.

“Having someone believe in me and not be afraid to support me at every step. The father’s group has opened my eyes and helped me with my children and family. My parents gave me a chance at life, to begin fresh and know anything is possible if you first believe in yourself, and that others out there believe in you too. Being a parent is a wonderful thing, when the love of children and families come together, to share learning and understanding, in the love that family brings”.

In total, over 100 fathers has registered and attended the school - children centres.