"Jeff is an excellent Father's worker! Firstly, he is able to engage with vulnerable Fathers who may not have talked to anyone else and then he is able to listen and properly hear what they need. He is brilliant at finding a possible solution to an issue even if the Dad doesn't know the solution himself and can encourage them to try new things. I would highly recommend Jeff for work in your centre or with your organisation

Liz is a very professional Coordinator in the role of supporting children and families. Her work with fathers has been outstanding as we supported fathers through Malici and other professional agencies. Liz has provided Data for the fathers group towards meeting positive outcomes for the centre targets. Liz and I have been involved in facilitating training and group work support to fathers and their families and a few has found employment through attending the father’s group.
- Jeff. Jan 2013

“The role of a father is to love and to protect”

“The role of a father is to support and to teach”

“The role of a father is to work with his spouse and to be responsible”

- Quote taken by: Garret D. Evans/Kate Fogarty