Alcohol Awareness

Aims & Objectives

By the end of the session learners will be able to:

  • Understand units and governments guidelines
  • Recognise issues around alcohol use
  • Identify the effects of alcohol on the individuals and family


As part of Fathers in Training, a two-hour session was delivered to a group of nine fathers.

The group engaged well and showed interest in the subject, which was delivered in a quiz format. The group asked questions regarding value of a range of drinks and elimination rate of alcohol from the body. The group all participated in the use of interactive tools and used the beer goggles, which demonstrates the effects of alcohol on the individual.

The potential risks of consuming alcohol during pregnancy were illustrated to the group using a Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder doll, which clearly shows the physical impact that this could have on the child. The group appeared to find this part of the training of particular interest and asked many questions regarding this condition. The group participated well in a discussion around the impacts of alcohol on the family and the risks of drinking on parenting styles and the subject of hidden harm due to alcohol use.