Self Awareness

The aim of the programme was to allow fathers to become aware of themselves and to identify areas to improve their own communication skills. The fathers demonstrated a clear understanding of their own body language during group work activities.

During Body language role play, learners have identified non-verbal communication and how behaviour can affect others, when the behaviour of Head, eyes, arms, hands, legs and feet were demonstrated during the session.

The Focus of the program where to promote the knowledge and skills learnt towards improving their own self awareness towards good communication and listening skills when engaging with others and their families.

The session where to create a friendly and safe environment where learners can develop skills of self practise and a session fathers will enjoy.

Fathers were encouraged to participate in group work discussion, small group, pairs and triad activities including pictures as well as individual feedback.

They were given the opportunity to explore and identify how Self awareness can be used in everyday experiences and how these skills can have a positive effect during informal and formal situations.

Learners have been encouraged to observe others and to give and receive feedback as this can be a way of increasing self-awareness.

The fathers had explored biases, prejudices and assumptions and the importance of building positive relationships with others in the group.

They have identified skills used in listening, reflective listening, non listening, active listening and had taken part in skill practise and observation.

Learners reviewed skills which they have used and skills which they have developed.

The group have identified different types of questions where silence is useful towards listening.

Fathers had the opportunity to participate in role play activities and had to take on the role of an observer, a listener and the client as a way of understanding Job interview techniques.