About Me

How I Deliver The Service

I work closely with fathers in bringing communities together, build confidence, raise values in respect to their needs, break barriers in isolated communities and integrate ethnic groups. This in turn creates an openness of mind through the training and activities provided.

I value and encourage the fathers groups by sharing social skills, diversity, beliefs, and values. I support fathers within the community and encouraging integration and practical skills.

I provide one to one support to fathers and group work discussions. CV and Personal Profile building sessions are held. Fathers are also sign posted to education and voluntary placements leading towards paid employment.

The fathers are supported in an ongoing process, both during the recruitment stage, and within sessions.

As an Independent Father Work Coordinator lead, I am responsible for leading the group and to ensure the fathers work and outcome is of good satisfactory standard.

To substantiate the high success of the fathers work outcome, I received 5 written positive work appraisals from 5 senior Managers from a care discipline Authority. I also received a good written report from OFSTED Inspectors and a good feedback as they observed a fathers group training session.

I am commissioned for providing a fathers group for a limited or extended duration, until either the setting can support the group fully or it becomes necessary for the fathers work to cease.

However based on previous success groups, a fathers group is guaranteed.

If you are in need of a fathers group, and you are working towards meeting positive outcomes for the needs of fathers children and families for your Centre target, please contact me by phone or email on the contact link provided.

My background

I have work experience in the building industry, double glazing windows, warehouse, security work and catering. I was a supervisor for a Greek company in making exotic salad dips and dressings. I have gained many certificates in related work training experience, including Child Care qualification in health and social care. I have further qualification certificates in Access to Social Work qualification in higher education in Social Work professional practise, Communications, Social Policy & Inequality, Social Psychology, Punjabi.

My education and experience had led me to work with adult offenders in Prisons, and Regional Secure units. My role and responsibility were to write reports to Social Workers and Probation officers and other reports. These were used for CTM review meetings and Tribunal and Court hearings including Court escort.

I also gained a vast amount of experience and managed formidable situations by working in various psychiatric settings with clients having autism and self harm with extreme challenging behaviour, who were in need of high supervision and good care management.

For many years I worked as a Residential Child Care Officer. I have dealt with Child Protection, Safeguarding Young People, with extreme challenging behaviour and have worked in Hospitals with patience under Home Office restriction and Probation Hostel. I have completed risk assessments, reports, received admissions and completed case notes, health & Safety, and critical incident reports, and liaise with Police. I have worked in Family Support Team, and have dealt with cases, parenting matters, advisory assistance, and professional agencies and more. I delivered a Fire, and Bully Awareness training programme to young people and other Service users.

To this point, my work continues in working with fathers.