Training For Fathers

About Me

The Fathers Group does not and cannot guarantee the following:

  • Employment
  • Immediate voluntary work or a training placement
  • Access to your children, where denied access is in place
  • Cannot guarantee any changes if the individual does not wish to change
  • The ‘Father’s Group’ is not an instant fix it, but works with father’s on an individual and corporate basis, with their own interactive engagement skills.

The fathers group has a diverse ethnic mix which may include European, Asian, Caribbean, African, Mediterranean and many others.

The fathers group promotes pro social modelling across the board and encourages men to maintain a good standard of behaviour in all they do by setting ground rules for each session. The group will not tolerate any adverse behaviour pertaining to race, age, sexual orientation or disability but promotes equality. I can therefore guarantee the safety of each group member in this regard. If any group member were to display any such behaviour, this member would be removed from the group, dealt with on a one to one with myself and given the opportunity to alter their behaviour and rejoin the group.

To substantiate the high success of the father’s group work outcome, a good OFSTED report (March 2011) linked to a Children Centre, has been received, and recorded a great impact on families and Children Centre work. I have also received 5 good reference work appraisals from 5 senior Manager’s from the Authority.