About Me

Fathers Work Consultant


The Fathers Group was launched to help support fathers and it is coordinated by me Jeff. I am also commonly known as TJ.

My work with Men began in 1994, when I became a case worker volunteer with the organization Prison Link. Prison Link which is in partnership with the Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust, are funded to provide support to offenders. My involvement with Prison Link led me to working with men in Prison but also in the community following discharge from custody.

My work with the Criminal Justice system, in resettling offenders, includes the following:-

  • Prison Service
  • Domestic home visits
  • Race relations meetings
  • Employment placements
  • Working in conjunction with the Probation Trust
  • Client custody interviews and resettlement surgeries
  • Assessment of client needs suffering loss of liberty and varied administration tasks
  • Liaising with local organisations

I hold a Qualification and have acquired my specialism through the Social Work pathway; and achieved other relevant training Certificates. I hold a Qualification in Health and Social Child Care, and a Certificate in Leadership and Project Management. I have received a Nominee Award in recognition of 15 years of working with fathers.

My interest in working with men grew as I met many of all ages who were disillusioned, had lost hope, or hope within themselves, and believed they had nothing to offer their families or their communities. Many had low self esteem, had never achieved and so believed they could not. Some men internalised their failure and displaced this in various ways upon their partners and families, which led to separation from partners, Children and extended families. The majority of these men were fathers, and as I worked with them I watched their lives transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly, believing in themselves again and excelling to achieve.

This resulted in some men obtaining employment for themselves, gaining access to their children because they demonstrated genuine changes in their lives. They have also moved forward and obtained healthy relationships. In addition, they have developed greater self awareness in order to make better decisions and choices for themselves.

From 2007 to 2011, I became an Agency employee for the Directorate of Children and Families ‘Flying Start, which is now named "Foundation Years Parenting Support Team". During this period when I worked with fathers I established 4 fathers groups, within the hard to reach areas, this was replicated within other Children Centres across the City of Birmingham. The fathers groups were well attended, consisting between 10 to 21 fathers. Each week I had an attendance of 8 to 10 fathers. Now I have established 6 successful fathers groups across the City.

I have given presentations for the fathers group at various hotels, Probation, Job centres, and the International Convention Centre, to share how I engage fathers. In effect I received referrals from Solicitors, Probation officers and Social Workers, and as a result it was attended by a few fathers.

In 2011 I delivered a ‘Promoting Happier Parenting course’ within HMP Birmingham, to encourage positive relationship building with fathers who were visited by their children and families in Prison. This encouraged father’s to positively engage with their children, and to improve themselves.

To this end I encouraged fathers with no or few qualifications to engage in a range of training opportunities. As a consequence, some has involved themselves in voluntary work. During this period, 12 men found paid employment.

My work is supported by written testimonies given by fathers, and the result has changed lives for the better. The Training for Fathers Group has previously received Grants through Charity, Trust Funds, and other Funding organisations. If you would like a fathers group for your centre, a fathers group is guaranteed.

The Fathers Group guarantees the following:

  • Improved self confidence
  • Increased confidence to undertake training and employment opportunities
  • Improved engagement with father and child will be evident
  • Raise self awareness and identification of individual needs to move forward
  • Support in taking the next step towards self improvement/goals
  • Progress Report supplied to relevant agencies where required
  • Each father will discover their own aspirations, skills and goals